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Are Fat Friends Bad for Each Other?

While Washington policymakers debate how best to stem the obesity epidemic across the nation, many of us are struggling with how to deal with the obesity epidemic in our own homes. A third of all youngsters are now overweight or obese, well on their way to joining the two thirds of adults whose weight also tips the scales at unhealthy levels. Potential solutions are at least as controversial in America’s kitchens as the single-payer plan is on Capitol Hill. Should we ration chips and soda? Or kick the kids outdoors so they get at least a minimum level of physical activity every day? Do we clear the pantry of junk food? Or all of the above? Read more.


hipster3white Become a Fit Success:

  • To be self driven
  • Focus on the health benefits of your external goal
  • Change how you see yourself
  • Compare yourself to yourself
  • Don’t wait for results
  • Focus on short term goals
  • Choose the right intensity
  • Become adoptable
  • Keep your rewards related to your goal
  • Create a fit enviroment

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