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Change Your Plan


July of this year, was a turning point in my life. I had spent 2 years sitting behind my desk at home in front of my brand new MAC computer, trying to decide which way I wanted to take my new Journey. I had just spent three years creating a new business, working harder then I had ever worked for something to better my life,, financially and spiritually… During this time, I was on another Journey in my life where I was learning how my body works, and what I need to be taking as

far as nutrients where concerned, that would improve my own well being, and other’s around me, and create a residual income that could support me for years to come. And then it all came crushing down on me, and I had absolutly no control over this crumbling empire I had created. Well needless to say I crumbeled with it. I knew I was depressed, I knew I was fighting for my life, I knew that I needed to let go, I knew that I was putting weight on so fast, I knew that I was at a cross road in my life that I didn’t know which way to turn. So I spent needless hours crying and blaming every one around me, until there there no more tears to be shed, no one else to blame, and I was left empty and alone.  Now when I say I spent hours every day doing this, this is what I mean. I never left my house unless i need to get some food for the house, or to put money in the bank, those where my only two reason’s to leave my desk and venture out and away. I was always worried about the time, so driving as fast as I could to get back home is a understatement. I FLEW HOME.. I never once walked out into my yard and spent time there which in the past was my castle, my beautiful yard soon took on the same reflection as my life did. UNKEPT.. yet I wasn’t worried about my health, because I was drinking what I thought to be the best nutritional health beverage out on the stret to ever hit the market, and I was a marketing GURUE. I knew this product inside out, upside down, and I have pages and pages, pdf files galore, pages and pages of creation’s built in photoshop, IWEB, Blogs and Blogs, Websites and million’s of pictures that I was going to share with the world on my new discovery… I never once thought about excercising, probably because it would have taken me away from my desk. I would stay up til 3 in the morning to get my news letter together for my group, which was at the time around 400 people and experiencing a fast growth with adding up to 30 to 40 new distributor’s a month, and receiving my first 1,000 dollar check. I knew they expected it, and I expected it myself also. My girls, would make comments about my new discovered life, and they also took a back seat in my new Journey. So when I tell you I was well spent, I was spent out and I was buried in a situation that created so much anger in me. No more daily ICHAT sessions with my Father, which i grew to love more than my business. Well after crying all the way through my birthday in Sep, and crying my way through Thanksgiveing, and crying my way through Christmas, into Jan, Feb, March, and here came April. You know that ole saying April showers bring May flower’s. Well the flowers came out and bloomed, and so did I finally… By this time I had created a folder on my built  desktop and labeled my new folder “THE END”..  I spent weeks cleaning up my computer, dumping everything I had ever created right into this folder, named the end. It turned out to be the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Now that that was pretty much over, it allow room in my life to look around and decide what I wanted to do next, and the option’s soon became available to me. I was receiving ton’s of emails from friends all over reaching out to me, wanting me to become involved in this or that, it was the company of a life time, don’t pass this one up, or you are such a great leader please join me and help me get my business going. Even though I was so appreciated by all the kindness, and uplifting compliments, I knew I needed to keep searching. And then, you guessed it, after month’s and month’s of praying and many days of searching I knew that I would find it some where, by someone, I just knew it was out there. I knew it had to be something that would help me and my family, and that the company was strong in structure, a product that would sell itself, something that would improve my life and other’s, and a company I could depend upon and trust with my mind heart and soul again. And then came NEXTFIT… Check back in to find out what crumbled my business, and where I am today…


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