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Takes Flight

PHOENIX, Arizona (CNN) — Two years ago, Karen Daniel was wider around than she was tall.

art.karen.daniel Weighing 375 pounds, the 45-year-old wife and mother had high blood pressure; her knees hurt and she was always hot. She felt fatigued and could barely breathe at the slightest exertion. Even the simplest things became a chore — tying her shoes, crossing her legs, getting in and out of the car or trying to fit into a chair with arms.

“I wasn’t living … I was just existing,” recalled Daniel.

She hadn’t always struggled with her weight. Daniel said she started gaining weight at age 18 after moving out of her parents’ home to live on her own. By the time she married her husband, Paul, at age 22, she weighed 225 pounds.

“Whenever something happened, I used food,” said Daniel. “It was like my drug of choice was food. I never did drugs or alcohol. I was addicted to food.” Read more..


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