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Good Things Utah

The Best Things in LIFE… Really are FREE.

VIGoodThingsUtahPriscilla and I where able to be in the audience on Good Things Utah this morning.. It was FREE. WOW what an experience.. If you want to be on , just go to Good Things Utah and sign in for a morning view. It’s amazing to watch the camera men and wo

men all set up, in their little make believe world, and watch it all in action was way cool. The girls are just as normal as you and I. They kid around in between shots, and they work very well together. They actually sit on a platform that is on wheels, and as they change scripts through out the show they are pushed around by the camera people on this platform. When the cooking came on with Angle they just pushed it over by the make due pretend kitchen. I was very disappointed, no I was really BUMMED that we d

idn’t get to taste the delicious food that was made.. I was starving to death. We left so fast and in a hurry to be there on time, the food just jumped out at me saying eat me I’m good.. We where told that we couldn’t take anything in to the studio, so we left every thing including our flip video.. DANG we then find out that we could have brought it in.. So you will have to take our word on it, we where there.. Their little pretend kitchen  just consists of a few walls, a kitchen table, and a pretend kitchen with a island with a counter top. Those girls are so dang cute. What a fun way to start your morning off. Now they are through with their day, off they go to be back home with Family and friends. What a great life.. Any way it’s FREE, and exciting to see behind the making of Good Things Utah air’s

every morning on ABC Channle 4. We are working on having them out on the field, filming our 12 Week Kathy Smith event in Getting America Moving, which is being sponsored by NextFit in Sandy Utah. This event will run until Oct 3rd 2009. This event is FREE.  And it will change you before you leave, you’ll be back for more…


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