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According to Health.com

It’s all about alcohol, exercise, the scale, self exams and mammograms.
breast-cancer-awareness Tip number one is think before you drink. Turns out drinking alcohol can increase your risks of breast cancer. For best breast health you have to limit libations. 2 to 3 alcoholic beverages a week are ok. Anything more increases your risk. Continue to Tip Number 2


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When your child’s best friend moves away…..

This story touched my soul today!! And so I am sharing it with all of you. It reminded me of my own story!! When I was a very young girl, my best friend moved away too! She moved clear to Alaska, and I knew that I would never see her again, and That still holds true today!! I have tried and tried to find her, but I always come up empty handed. So I can really relate to this. We played and we did everything together. Our families went on picnic’s together, we ate as much watermelon as we could together, we went tubing down the creek together, we tried catching fish together, we played hide and go seek, baseball, four square, spot ball, hopscotch, we climbed big trees and jumped out into great big pile of leaves together, we went to the library to reading time together, we rode our bikes to the local swimming pool together, we played Batman & Robin together, as you can see we did a lot together, and the day I had to say goodbye to her, I remember a piece of me went with her!!

Here is the Story… My seven year old daughter’s best friend is moving away. Tomorrow. And not to another neighborhood, town, city, or state, but to another country. Not only are they best friends, but across-the street neighbors, class mates, and kindred spirits ( I am not prone to exaggeration and am actually a bit of a cynic so this statement is big coming from me). They were born 3 weeks apart so have literally know each other since birth. They can spend hours together in some magical land of make believe where only they reside, creating worlds out of twigs, rocks, bugs and other things they find in the yard. I know they are only seven, but their friendship is something special and something that I really don’t think all children experience. That said, my heart is broken for my daughter who has started this school year without her best friend.

To back up, I knew about the move for a week or so before I could figure out how to tell my daughter the news late this summer. I was excited for our friends’ new adventure, yet sad for our family to lose them. I am somewhat to ashamed to admit that my first thought was, What about my daughter? What would she do? Although she was having a great summer full of swimming, camps, the beach, and time with friends, she doesn’t get to see her best friend as much in the summer and starting August 1st was counting down the days until school started. Why? Because then she could see best friend every day. My stomach sank as I figured out how to tell her.
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My Birthday…

n1306768913_3502What a beautiful day it has been so far. I have made a pledge to myself that I will apply great things into my life, that I have learned from others, that will enrich my life daily! I have so many beautiful friends and family. A few years back, I had the opportunity to live next door to the most beautiful woman ever. She taught me so much. And this past week I have been thinking about all the teachings I could have applied to my life. She was the most loving, generous lady, she gave and when she gave it was so beautifully given!! There where times that I would just find something great sitting on my front porch from her, she would at times sneak over before she would head off to school, just to make sure that I had a surprise waiting for me when I opened my front door. So this year I have decided to Celebrate my birthday the way I know she would celebrate her own. I have enjoyed sharing with my family and friends that I have a special day today!! Christie, I miss you so much, but I am grateful for your teachings on being compassionate with myself and other’s… She was the most happiest woman I had ever meet. I will always admire her, and I am so grateful for the happiness she has found with her new husband of 4 years now. What a blessing she has waited for, for many years as she spent her whole life supporting her children, and teaching school, and loving everything about LIFE… BIG or small . And a great blessing she received is just has BIG as the blessing’s she gave to so many over the years. So here’s to my special day today!! Thanx Christie for your inspiration and Love…Happy Birthday to me… : )

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“Women lose their lives not knowing they can do something different… I claimed myself and remade my life. Only when I knew I belonged to myself completely did I become capable of giving myself to another, of finding joy in desire, pleasure in our love, power in the body no one else owns.” Dorothy Allinson

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Beauty & Fashion

Healthy Beauty: Hot & Fabulous
What does healthy beauty mean to you? That’s the question we posed to some of today’s top models and celebrities, at New York’s Heart Truth Red Dress fashion show, and here’s what they have to say:

bg_beauty2Vivica Fox: To me, healthy beauty starts on the inside, to have your spirit together so when you go out and represent yourself, you’re starting off with a good attitude. Make sure you work out, take good care of yourself. If you want to fit into those sexy fashions, make sure things are tight and right.

Jane Kaczmarek: I find I always look and feel better the more water I drink – good old fashioned water – you don’t need anything fancier than that.

Amanda Beard: To me it means being confident with who you are, eating right, living a healthy, active lifestyle. I think that’s very beautiful.

Susan Lucci: Healthy beauty means to me the glow of good health. The glow of eating right and doing all the things we hear about and it’s true, it adds up.

Bobbi Brown: If you don’t eat healthy and you don’t look good – it doesn’t mater what the make-up looks like.

Ashleigh Verrier: I think when you’re healthy and feel good about yourself you exude a certain beauty that…it’s priceless, timeless and ageless – all of the above.
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