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Liberate yourself from paper clutter

(ARA) – When was the last time you saw your medical records, marriage license or home insurance documents? Are they buried in a filing cabinet? Lost forever in a drawer somewhere? Now you are looking for them – and promising yourself that this time you’ll get organized and not go through this search again – how about a better way to store and access these documents in a quick and convenient way?


While the thought of organizing and storing all of these documents may sound like a daunting task, you don’t need a professional organizer to do it.

You need Orggit – a new online storage system that liberates you from the clutter. Orggit provides safe, secure storage of your life’s essential information with one easy-to-access centralized location.

From financial documents to immunization records, birth certificates to passports, Orggit offers an online, Web-based system that acts as a secure online storage cabinet for all of your most important documents. You can also access your essential information anywhere, any time using the handy iPhone application.

Can’t remember all your user names and passwords for the many sites you visit? Want to have access to your credit card information from anywhere, including the numbers to call in case your wallet is stolen? Wish someone would tell you when your passport or driver’s license expires? Orggit can help you stay on top of it all.


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