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Big Bold Lashes have made a statement

WOW, I can not imagine how in the world you could even get them to stay on your eyes.. This takes me back to the days when I was young, just moved in with my real mother, after being separated from her most of my life.. I was walking down the hall one morning at about 13 years of age, and there in the bathroom was my mom. I just stood in amazement and watched my mother, working very hard at getting those spider looking things to stick to her eyes.. Now I always thought that she had big eyes, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever realize just what she went through every morning just to aster this look.. There she stood with out any make up or hair extensions, Just plain her.. I was so shocked to see what she really looked like, I could hardly even recognize her at that moment.. After that experience, it changed my whole out look on her and on how much some people really go thru to give them selves such a makeover every morning, because they are not happy in their own skin.. But I must say, the new eye lash trend has really become a work of art.. They are beautiful, but for me, I think I’ll just have like what I see… And thats me…

Check out the new glamor shots on the new eye lash trends.. What are your thoughts on this. Would you like it, would you try it. Amazing to see the transformation. Check it out here..


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Snuggle up.. What are you Thankful For?

Want something fun to do today, stay out of the cold, find a snuggle blanket, something warm to drink, and get out the picture book’s. Many times I often wonder, where all of my school friends are at today.. Some times I can locate them on FB, but some are not. Some times I can look back at old pictures and realize that, life was good.. Grateful that pictures can create memories, of past time experiences, good and bad. I believe that every one has some one special that comes into their life’s, maybe to stay awhile, and maybe just passing through.. SO much I have learned from many of them. Pictures always seem to bring me back to that time, was it something I needed to learn at that time, or was it a time that I could reach out and touch some else’s life!! Never the less, I love the pictures that can make me LOL, or the ones that remind me of the love someone shared with me.. Grateful today for all the experiences I have had through out my life… Some times just making time for yourself, being alone, helps you to become more comfortable just being with you. So many times I see other’s that struggle with being alone. I use to be that way. Now as I get older the more I want to just be alone…

Reading a great book, can be so relaxing.. Have you ever just snuggled up in a blanket all day, and read an entire book? Well I have. Maybe not as often as I could have, but it sure sounds like a relaxing way to get your mind off your troubles, read about someone else’s.. LOL Just kidding… One of my most

favorite author’s would be Anita Stansfield. her books are so hard to put down… Now she is one of my addiction’s. Look her up… Have a super weekend, enjoy the ride…



What are you Thankful for?… Julie

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When your child’s best friend moves away…..

This story touched my soul today!! And so I am sharing it with all of you. It reminded me of my own story!! When I was a very young girl, my best friend moved away too! She moved clear to Alaska, and I knew that I would never see her again, and That still holds true today!! I have tried and tried to find her, but I always come up empty handed. So I can really relate to this. We played and we did everything together. Our families went on picnic’s together, we ate as much watermelon as we could together, we went tubing down the creek together, we tried catching fish together, we played hide and go seek, baseball, four square, spot ball, hopscotch, we climbed big trees and jumped out into great big pile of leaves together, we went to the library to reading time together, we rode our bikes to the local swimming pool together, we played Batman & Robin together, as you can see we did a lot together, and the day I had to say goodbye to her, I remember a piece of me went with her!!

Here is the Story… My seven year old daughter’s best friend is moving away. Tomorrow. And not to another neighborhood, town, city, or state, but to another country. Not only are they best friends, but across-the street neighbors, class mates, and kindred spirits ( I am not prone to exaggeration and am actually a bit of a cynic so this statement is big coming from me). They were born 3 weeks apart so have literally know each other since birth. They can spend hours together in some magical land of make believe where only they reside, creating worlds out of twigs, rocks, bugs and other things they find in the yard. I know they are only seven, but their friendship is something special and something that I really don’t think all children experience. That said, my heart is broken for my daughter who has started this school year without her best friend.

To back up, I knew about the move for a week or so before I could figure out how to tell my daughter the news late this summer. I was excited for our friends’ new adventure, yet sad for our family to lose them. I am somewhat to ashamed to admit that my first thought was, What about my daughter? What would she do? Although she was having a great summer full of swimming, camps, the beach, and time with friends, she doesn’t get to see her best friend as much in the summer and starting August 1st was counting down the days until school started. Why? Because then she could see best friend every day. My stomach sank as I figured out how to tell her.
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