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Yellow knitted bracelet

I’ve been surfing the web today.. Just kinda taking some alone time to myself.. Life has been pretty crazy around here.. Just need to breathe
I came across some great thing’s. and just wanted to share with you something that i think i might just love to have..
I’ve been in this fedish of hunting down scarfs this past winter. Wishing I knew how to knit.. i think that will be one of my new challenges for myself, for this new year.. I would love to learn how to make some of the cool things that I have seen this past holiday season..

Loved This!!

Check out this cute little boutique online..


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Thigh high boots / over the knee boots trend 2010

over-the-knee-boots-2010For women that ‘stand out’ look is just about to get a whole lot easier thanks to the hottest trend for shoes in 2010: thigh high boots. I have a couple of daughter’s who are going to just love this new look this fall. it always amazes me how they can even walk, but they do, and they don’t titter back and forth, they walk strong and tall in them. Hmmm, we never had this kind of trend when I was growing up, I just remember wearing tennie’s and penny loafer’s… LOL.

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